12.5" Home Built Telescope

Type: Newtonian Reflector

Style: Truss Tube

Mount: Dobsonian

Primary Mirror:
  12.5" f/5
  Obsidian Optics
  Beral Coated
  91% Reflectivity   Maximum Wavefront Error: 1/21.0 Wave

Secondary Mirror:
  Enhanced Coating
  94% Reflectivity

Spider: Protostar 4 Vane with offset and dew heater

Focuser: JMI DX-3, 2"

Mirror Cell: 9 point floatation cell with cooling fan

Finder: Telrad

Guidance: Digital Encoders on Altitude and Azimuth axes coupled to interface, astronomical database, and PDA display

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AutoCAD 3-D Solid Model Light Shroud Installed Light Shroud Removed